WTF Compilation || March 2018 || MonthlyFails

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WTF Compilation || March 2018 || MonthlyFails - Смотреть видео на

Hi all! Enjoy this new collection of wtf moments caught on camera! Compilation featuring pranks, funny road sighting videos and more! Stay tuned for new epic fails, wins and wtfs. Cheers!

This compilation starts with a clip that's rather late to the party, dating back to New Year's days. The amount of firecrackers made for a blast that blew off old slurry tanker's rear end! Just as planned, filmed from a safe distance. Following clip is not the only prank in this set. There's one at the very end too. It's one of those "wait for it!" videos. Beside pranks, checkout low quality concrete at the construction site, watch machinist's extraordinary lunch meal prep idea and more! Thumbnail video was caught on CCTV camera. Beginner driver was filling up at a gas station, driving away with fuel hose still plugged in, resulting in worker's unfortunate mishap. Enjoy watching!

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Have a fail video, funny prank, wtf clip or an awesome win caught on tape? Submit it by clicking on the link bellow and check back to see if it made it into the MF compilations:
► monthlyfails(at)gmail(dot)com
Special thanks to all who submitted videos!

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WTF Compilation || March 2018 || MonthlyFails - Смотреть видео на


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